EBCC9 Glasgow ( Szkocja) 19 - 21 marca 2014r

Wybrane przykłady wykładów:

Breast Screening Sub- group of EUSOMA

Workshop: Update on Breast Cancer Screening

Session one – Current issues on breast screening effectiveness :

chair – F. Gilbert ( United Kingdom), M. Rosselli del Turco ( Italy)

The patient advocacy perspective – speaker : Susan Knox EUROPA DONNA

( Italy)


9 th European Breast Cancer Conference – Opening Symposium

Conference Chair – G. Viale (Italy), E. Bergsten-Nordstrom (Sweden), H.

Dobson (United Kingdom)

EUROPA DONNA Session: Survivorship – What Women Need After Breast

Cancer  - Chair : R. Britz ( Spain)

Rehabilitation and return to work – Speaker: S. Rozman

The role of cancer patient support groups – Speaker: Stella Kiriakides


Teaching Lecture: New Techniques in Radiotherapy of Breast Cancer

Chair: A. Moreo (Italy)

Prophylactic Mastectomy:

When does this make sense?

An Epidemic of Contralateral Prophylactic Mastectomy

Dr. Mauricio  Magalhaes Costa

Lifestyle Factors and Breast Cancer The Breast Health Day Campaign –

Susan Knox- Executive Director EUROPA DONNA (Italy)

Importance of Lifestyle Choices After Breast Cancer  EUROPA DONNA


Key facts about preventing recurrence – Tony Howell